NIT Agenda by RPRH Element and Frequency in 71 NIT Meetings From 2014 to 2018a

RPRH ElementFrequency
1Family planning60
2Maternal, neonatal, child health, and nutrition32
11Adolescent reproductive health (RH) education in formal and nonformal settings (i.e., comprehensive sexuality education)30
4Adolescent youth and RH guidance and counseling27
3Proscription of abortion and management of abortion complication15
7Sexuality and RH education and counseling14
6Violence against women and children and gender-based violence12
5Sexually transmitted infections, reproductive tract infections, and HIV/AIDS11
8Breast and reproductive tract cancers and other gynecological conditions and disorders3
9Male responsibility and involvement and men’s RH2
10Prevention, treatment, and management of infertility and sexual dysfunction1
12Mental health aspect of reproductive care0
  • Abbreviations: NIT, National Implementation Team; RPRH, Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health.

  • aSource: NIT Meeting Transcripts 2014–2018.