NIT Agenda and Their Frequency of Discussiona

Agenda: Areas of RPRH Implementation2014(n=3)2015(n=12)2016(n=21)2017(n=16)2018(n=13)2019(n=6)Total(n=71)
Policy reviews and revisions
  • 19 on proscription on abortion and management of complications (DOH AO 2018-03)

  • 5 on requiring an ambulance for hospital licensing (DOH AO 2018-01)

  • 5 on PhilHealth accreditation of stand-alone FP clinics (Circular 2018-05)

FP logistics
Supply chain management issues (e.g., stock-outs), use of remaining progestin subdermal implants given SC TRO, and inventory counts
RPRH communication and health promotion National FP Conference, events, DOH-HPCS presentations on communication plan391011336
Monitoring and evaluation FP Form 1, Annual report, data requests81564134
Legal restrictions - SC-TRO313925
CSO funding Process of accreditation of grant funding4610525
Capacity building for health care providers Training for FP, MNCHN, interpersonal communication and counseling; Accreditation of Training providers3465523
Accreditation of health care providers Standardized certification programs and accreditation of CSOs and private providers3465523
RPRH service delivery Various discussions on quality and access1436822
PhilHealth claims/reimbursements4563321
RPRH budget DOH budget cuts, augmentation, convergence budgeting3742117
Sorsogon “Pro-Life City” (LGU issue)492217
ASRH technical working group NIT organizational challenge: Functionality and leadership95216
Regional implementation teams Organizational challenge: Functionality, reporting issues184215
Service delivery network PhilHealth facility accreditation and issues on DOH facility standards (e.g., need for ambulance)551213
Quantity of health care providers Deployments for nurses and family health associates141612
  • Abbreviations: AO, administrative order; ASRH, adolescent sexual and reproductive health; CSO, civil society organization; DOH, Department of Health; FP, family planning; HPCS, Health Promotion and Communication Service; LGU, local government unit; MHCHN, maternal, neonatal, and child health and nutrition; NIT, National Implementation Team; PhilHealth, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation; RPRH, Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health; SC, Supreme Court; TRO, temporary restraining order.

  • aSource: NIT meeting transcripts 2014–2018.