Differences in Mothers’ Knowledge and Awareness Related to Milk and Other Animal Source Foods at Endline

Intervention (N=223), %Control (N=219), %Difference, %P Value 
Types of food considered to be ASFs
 Meat (beef, goat, chicken, pork)
No. of types of ASFs a child should eat daily
 2 or more74.973.11.8.74
Main nutrients in cow’s milk
Quantity of cow’s milk a child should drink each day
 1 cup or more87.088.1−1.1.77
Age when a child is old enough to receive cow’s milk
 12 months or older41.718.723.0.00
Feed the child ASFs76.
Feed the child 1 cup or 240 mL of cow’s milk every day20.67.812.9.00
Introduce cow’s milk at age 12 months35.911.024.9.00
  • Abbreviation: ASF, animal source food.