Study Tools, Inclusion Criteria, Facility/Participants, and Sample Size to Assess Use of ACS in Threatened Preterm Birth Public Facilities in Northern India

Study ToolInclusion CriteriaFacility Level/ParticipantSample Size
Facility assessmentDistrict hospital, subdistrict hospital, community health center, primary health center, or subcenter in the study districts providing delivery servicesDistrict hospital2
Subdistrict hospital2
Community health center8
Primary health center8
Health care provider interviewHealth care providers involved in administration of ACS (medical doctor, staff nurse, or auxiliary nurse midwife)Specialist doctor6
Medical officer19
Staff nurse46
Auxiliary nurse midwife17
Clinical verificationHospital records related to administration of ACSDistrict hospital17
Subdistrict hospital5
Maternal care pathwayWomen up to 4 weeks postpartum, aged 15 years or older, delivered preterm, and received at least 1 dose of ACSDistrict hospital13
Subdistrict hospital6
HIS indicator extractionIndicators related to ACS from facility reporting recordsDistrict hospital2
Subdistrict Hospital2
Community health center8
Primary health center8
  • Abbreviations: ACS, antenatal corticosteroids; HIS, health information system.