TABLE 4. Selected Characteristics of Survey Respondents, by Level of Activity
CharacteristicsTotalHighly ActiveLess ActiveP Value
(N = 183)(n = 88)(n = 69)
Age, y, mean (SE)41.3 (0.8)41.1 (1.1)40.9 (1.2).89
No. of living children, mean (SE)5.5 (0.2)5.2 (0.2)6.0 (0.5).23
Education, %
 Secondary or higher72.673.962.6
Sex, %
No. of years as an FP CHW, mean (SE)5.6 (0.4)5.5 (0.4)5.3 (0.4).83
Provides other services besides FP, %
Prior volunteer experience, %
Received refresher training in past year, %
Ever received supervision from HC staff, %
Received supervisory visits in community in the past year, %
Problems with supplies, %
Received recognition/support from community in the past year, %
Received incentive from NGO or district in the past year, %
Collaboration with other CHWs, %
Time to HC, h, mean (SE)1.2 (0.1)1.3 (0.1)1.3 (0.1).88
Motivation, mean (SE)-0.08 (0.1)-0.05 (0.1)-0.04 (0.1).95
Barriers, mean (SE)-0.05 (0.1)-0.04 (0.1)-0.04 (0.1).96
Facilitators, mean (SE)-0.02 (0.1)-0.05 (0.1)0.07 (0.1).41
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; FP, family planning; HC, health center; NGO, nongovernmental organization; SE, standard error.

  • Level of activity of CHWs was based on data from service statistics, which were available for 157 CHWs.

  • Nonresponses varied across items. Weighted percentages and means are reported.