Number of Organization-Modelsa for Differentiated Service Delivery of HIV Treatment Described by Respondents, by Country, Category, and Strategy

Model CategoryMalawiSouth AfricaZambiaTotal
Total number of organization-models described264341110
Number of organization-models per country and category
Facility-based individual model1361332
Out-of-facility-based individual model5221643
Health care worker-led group715426
Client-led group1089
Numbers of organization-models per country and strategy
Adherence clubs011314
Community adherence groups1087
Community outreach33411
External pickup points217626
Extra clinic hours1124
Family models2114
Fast track services2158
Home delivery0134
Multimonth dispensing3137
Nonstable patient models64111
Key population models1124
Youth models52310
  • a An organization-model is 1 organization supporting 1 model of care.