Summary of the Implementation Status of Maternal Death Surveillance and Response in 2020

Already EstablishedTo Be Established
  • Installation of a national review committee (MaMS) and a maternal health mortality reduction steering committee

  • Coordination framework and terms of references

  • Institutional MDSR focal points designated and trained in surveillance and active case detection

  • Quality-of-care working group operational

  • National policy for notification of maternal deaths

  • Official installation of committee MaMS and the 4 working groups for maternal health, reinforce the health promotion and perinatal data working groupa

  • Facility-based audits of every case, organized by MDSR focal points

  • Verbal autopsies by MDSR focal pointsb

  • Specialized assessors for facility audit preparation (nurses, doctors) and external audits (BOG)

  • Timely dissemination of recommendations

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Abbreviations: BOG, Bureau of Public Health; MaMS, Maternal Mortality Suriname; MDSR, Maternal Death Surveillance and Response.

  • a Perinatal data working group was installed, but only sporadically active.

  • b Only incidentally performed until now.