Summary of Recommendations From Committee Maternal Mortality Suriname Members, Health Care Providers, and Public Health Experts to Strengthen Maternal Death Surveillance and Response in Suriname

  • Ensure no disciplinary/litigation measures

  • Notification of maternal death within 24 hoursa

  • Include pregnancy checkbox on the death certificateb

  • Timely completion of death certificate

  • Autopsy for maternal deaths of unknown cause

Finances and human resources
  • Empower BOG by capacity strengthening

  • Support committee MaMS (administrative personnel, logistics)

  • Capacity building of the institutional MDSR focal points

  • Include MDSR in preservice training curricula

  • Involve health care workers and create awareness (bottom-up approach)

  • Involve and educate the community

  • Funding

Enabling policies
  • Ensure structural facility-based review

  • Install special secretariat for MDSR at BOG/MOH

  • Enable communication and dissemination of findings and recommendations

  • Abbreviations: BOG, Bureau of Public Health; MaMS, Maternal Mortality Suriname; MDSR, Maternal Death Surveillance and Response; MOH, Ministry of Public Health.

  • a Institutions and funeral agencies were recently requested to report maternal deaths within 24 hours.

  • b As a temporary solution, a pregnancy checkbox slip is attached to the “C form.”