TABLE. Net-Map Interview Structure
Overall QuestionWho plays a role in improving flows of technical information on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health to health care service providers?
Step 1Name generator: List the actors involved.
Step 2Link generator: What are the critical information flows for Malawi in improving health care for HIV/AIDS and reproductive health? Specific links:
• Who provides technical information on HIV testing?
• Who provides technical information on family planning?
Step 3How influential is each actor in improving these information flows?
Step 4Discussion questions
In 2010:
a. Who are the critical actors?
b. What are the critical linkages?
c. How can we ensure improved information flows?
In 2011: a, b, and c, with an added question:
Of the links, which have been strengthened due to the mobile phones?
Step 5Comparison of maps between 2010 and 2011
• What are some of the significant changes you see?
• What do you think are the reasons for these changes?