Populations Served by Current Differentiated Service Delivery Models for HIV Treatment and Criteria for Defining Stability, by Country

Population or RequirementsMalawi, No.South Africa, No.Zambia, No.Total, No.
Population eligible
Number of organization-models264341110
All patients (no restrictions by disease status or age)2103
Stable and not stable patients
    Adults and adolescents/youth0202
    Adolescents/youth (age restrictions vary)5207
    Children (age restrictions vary)0011
    Total stable and not stable patients54110
Stable patients only
    All ages001010
    Adults and adolescents/youth0099
    Adolescents/youth (age restrictions vary)0033
    Children (age restrictions vary)0101
    Total stable patients only10323678
Advanced disease/not stable patients only
    All ages4217
    Children (age restrictions vary)1001
    Total advanced disease/not stable patients74112
Pregnant/postpartum women only (any disease status)1102
MSM/FSW (any disease status)1135
Requirements to be regarded as stable
Number of organization-models10323678
ART ≥ 6 months and 1 suppressed viral load54918
ART ≥ 12 months and 1 suppressed viral load102324
ART ≥ 12 months and 2 suppressed viral loads026026
Not specified42410
  • Abbreviations: ART, antiretroviral therapy; FSW, female sex worker; MSM, men who have sex with men.