TABLE 2. Public Health Campaigns in Mali, 2010–2011
CampaignGeographic FocusaDates
Polio NID (Sikasso region), 1st round1 RegionMar 6–9
Polio NID (Sikasso region), 2nd round1 RegionMar 26–28
Polio NID, 1st roundNationalApr 24–27
Polio NID, 1st roundNationalMay 28–31
NTDs (distribution of ivermectin and albendazole)NationalJun 14–16
NTDs (distribution of praziquantel and azithromycin)NationalJun 18–20
Polio NID, 2nd roundNationalJun 25–28
MILDA (distribution of bed nets)NationalJul 17–20
Preventative campaign for severe malnutritionNationalSep 16–18
MenAfriVac, 1st phase2 DistrictsSep 13–20
Polio NID, 3rd roundNationalOct 28–31
Polio NID, 3rd roundNationalNov 25–27
National Week of Nutrition (SIAN)NationalDec 1–7
MenAfriVac, 2nd phase, Koulikoro, Ségou, and Bamako regions3 RegionsDec 14–23
Measles SIANationalFeb 28–Mar 6
Polio NID, 1st roundNationalMar 25–28
Polio NID, 2nd roundNationalApr 29–May 2
Polio NID, 3rd roundNationalJun 3–6
National Week of Nutrition (SIAN)NationalJun 4–10
Polio NID, 4th roundNationalJun 23–26
NTDs (distribution of ivermectin and albendazole)NationalJul 14–19
NTDs (distribution of praziquantel and azithromycin)NationalJul 27–Aug 1
Polio NID4 RegionsJul 29–Aug 1
Polio NID5 RegionsAug 20–23
Polio NID, 4th roundNationalSep 30–Oct 3
Polio NID, 5th roundNationalOct 28–31
MenAfriVac, 3rd phase, other regions6 RegionsNov 15–24
Polio NID, 6th roundNationalNov 26–29
  • Abbreviations: MILDA, moustiquaire imprégnée d'insecticide à longue durée d'action (long-lasting insecticidal net); NID, National Immunization Days; NTDs, neglected tropical diseases; SIA, supplementary immunization activities; SIAN, Semaine d'Intensification des Activités de Nutrition (Child Nutrition Week).

  • Data from the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) of Mali.

  • a Mali has 9 regions.