Typologies of Donor Collaborations, With Examples

ModelLess integrated ------------------ More integrated
GrantcraftLearning NetworkStrategic Alignment NetworkPooled Fund
San Diego GrantmakersLearnPlanAct
BridgespanExchangeCoordinateCo-investCreateFund the funder
ExamplesGlobal SBC Donor group
Scaling Up Nutrition
The Curve Community of Practice
Nigeria SBC Donor Coordination Committee, and similar groups in other countries
Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children
Social Norms Learning Collaborative
Adolescents 360
Generation Unlimited
United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women
Bernard van Leer Foundation and Conrad N. Hilton Foundation co-funding INSEAD course on behavioral science for early childhood developmentUnited Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Innovation Fund
  • Abbreviation: SBC, social and behavior change.