Initial List of Recommendations for Addressing Firearms as a Commercial Determinant of Health

Element of Commercial Determinant of HealthRelevance to Firearm IndustryRecommended Action or Policy
LobbyingInfluencing gun control and gun safety policiesLaws requiring universal background checks and permit-to-purchase lawsGlobal health organizations (e.g., United Nations-World Health Organization) promoting international conventions
MarketingTargeted marketing to vulnerable groups such as women and the youngLaws restricting marketing and advertising to vulnerable groupsResearch on optimal pathways for affected groups to impact policy change
Corporate Social ResponsibilityEmphasis on safety education, training, responsible firearms ownership programs, shifting focus away from commercial sales18Research assessing the negative effects of corporate social responsibility, policies defining corporate social responsibility strategies and implementing regulationsResearch exposing how corporate social responsibility is used by industry to its benefit
Extensive Supply ChainsLarge export markets to low- and middle-income countriesRegulating trade and enhancing international export control rules around products harmful to healthResearch on the role of intermediary companies on gun access