Table 4. Facility Readiness to Offer Good-Quality Services: Percentage of Verification Criteria Achieved, by Data Collection Round and Study Group, Among Zambia Defence Force Health Facilities
Readiness Standardsa (No. of Criteria)Comparison Group (n = 4)Intervention Group (n = 4)
BaselineEndlineChange (% points)BaselineEndlineChange (% points)
ART facility readiness
ART drug requisition (5)100.0100.00100.0100.00
ART drug storage (9)92.685.2−7.485.291.7+6.5
Pharmacist counseling (8)85.163.2−19.992.675.0−17.6
Individual monitoring plans (8)81.365.2−
Checking adherence (12)63.273.2+10.051.576.7+25.2
Access to lab tests (2)75.066.7−8.3100.0100.00
Blood drawing (9)96.477.8−18.6100.094.4−5.6
Transport of blood samples (3)50.050.0062.587.5+25.0
Total ART readiness score (56)83.778.2−5.588.586.2−2.3
General facility readiness
Staffing (3)91.7100.0+8.3100.091.7−8.3
Infrastructure (6)75.079.2+4.286.795.8+9.1
Supplies (3)83.388.9+5.6100.0100.00
Management systems (7)100.096.4−3.695.8100.0+4.2
Waste disposal (5)80.073.8−
Client records (5)95.0100.0+−10.0
Health information system (5)95.080.0−15.095.0100.0+5.0
Performance improvement (5)80.085.0+5.090.0100.0+10.0
Total general readiness score (39)85.893.9+8.192.595.1+3.4
  • Abbreviation: ART, antiretroviral therapy.

  • The number of criteria observed at each of the 4 facilities was summed for each readiness standard. This sum was calculated as a percentage of the total number of criteria for each standard, multiplied by 4 to include all 4 facilities.

  • a Missing values removed from numerator and denominator. N/A values recoded as missing.