Table 2. Client Satisfaction Associated With Providers' Use of “Consult and Choose” Materials
MaterialsClient Satisfaction, % (No. of Clients Reporting Provider Used Material)Client Satisfaction, % (No. of Clients Reporting Providers Did Not Use Material)
(n = 156)(n = 196)
Provider cue card83.8*71.4*
(n = 240)(n = 112)
Hayati Ahla lab coat88.3*63.9*
(n = 230)(n = 122)
Received client cue card86.981.2
(n = 221)(n = 85)
Referred to the client cue card89.986.7
(n = 206)(n = 15)
  • Client satisfaction level was defined as “very satisfied.”

  • * Significance comparing satisfaction between clients who recalled that their providers used materials vs. those who did not recall that their providers used the materials. P values ≤ .05 were considered statistically significant.