TABLE. The 10 Key Interventions for Women and Childrena
Optimum Maternal Nutrition During Pregnancy
1. Periconceptual folic acid supplementation or fortification
2. Maternal balanced energy protein supplementation
3. Maternal multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy
4. Maternal calcium supplementation
Infant and Young Child Feeding
5. Promotion of breastfeeding
6. Appropriate complementary feeding
Micronutrient Supplementation in Children at Risk (ages 6–59 months)
7. Preventive zinc supplementation
8. Vitamin A supplementation
Management of Acute Malnutrition
9. Management of severe acute malnutrition
10. Management of moderate acute malnutrition
  • a Based on their ability to save lives and be most cost-effective, assuming 90% coverage in the 34 high-burden nutrition countries. Source: Adapted from Bhutta et al.5