Mentees' Immunization Skill and Practice Improvement From Baseline to Endline in Peer Mentoring and WhatsApp Intervention for Building Capacity in Immunization in Machakos Subcounty, Kenyaa

Skills and PracticesBaseline, February 2018 (N=20) No. (%)Endline, March 2019(N=13) No. (%)Net Percentage GainP Value (2-tailed)Risk Ratio
Wash hands before vaccination3 (15%)8 (62%)47%.00530.44
Explain procedure to caregivers12 (60%)12 (92%)32%.29630.17
Check Vaccine Vial Monitor prior vaccination20 (100%)12 (92%)−8%.16370.00
Keep BCG, measles, and rubella diluents cold18 (90%)12 (92%)2%.48620.70
Use correct diluent to reconstitute BCG, measles, rubella18 (90%)12 (92%)2%.48620.70
Use nontouch injection technique14 (70%)12 (92%)22%.72770.23
Dispose of used needle and syringe immediately19 (95%)12 (92%)−3%.29631.40
Marking each vaccination in the tally sheet14 (70%)9 (69%)−1%.72771.53
Complete mother & child health card accurately20 (100%)13 (100%)0.29630.00
Complete permanent register after each vaccination15 (75%)11 (85%)10%1.00000.60
Correct arrangement of vaccine in the fridge11 (55%)9 (69%)14%.72770.66
Temperature chart for the vaccine fridge4 (20%)11 (85%)65%.00050.33
Provide measles and rubella vaccination daily6 (30%)10 (67%)47%.01480.32
Provide BCG vaccination daily5 (25%)10 (67%)42%.00530.30
Availability of all vaccines19 (95%)8 (62%)−33%.01487.60
Availability of all vaccination materials16 (80%)12 (92%)12%1.00000.35
Availability of mother and child health card17 (85%)4 (31%)−54%.00174.60
  • a Net percentage gain was calculated from the percentage of mentees who demonstrated correct skills and practices at baseline and endline. Significance (p value) was computed using McNemar's test with paired proportion of mentees' with correct skills and practices at endline and baseline. Risk Ratio (RR) was computed with probabilities of mentees' skill and practice gaps at endline and baseline.