Advantages and Limitations of Implementing Remote Interviewer Trainings and Factors to Consider When Deciding on Approach

Remote Training AdvantagesRemote Training Limitations
  • Allows some interviewer training safely during a global pandemic

  • Builds confidence, skills, and familiarity with remote training, to leverage future remote learning if necessary

  • Enables cross-country and cross-language knowledge sharing to create standardized materials

  • Enables participants to watch prerecorded content multiple times and on their own schedule

  • Requires preparing multiple back up options in anticipation of Internet connectivity or technology issues

  • Necessitates additional training in remote facilitation for training facilitators

  • Limits opportunities for organic learning from discussion or practical application

  • Demands significant human resources to design, develop, and deploy the training systemRequires group tolerance for the risks and potential delays

Ideal Circumstances for Remote TrainingCircumstances That Do Not Favor Remote Training
  • Access to at least an intermittent Internet connection

  • Ability to distribute select materials to interviewers, such as a training manual and smartphone, to engage in remote learning

  • An established and cohesive field team, enabling an environment conducive to attempting new ways of learning

  • Experienced interviewers, with sufficient background knowledge on protocols and survey content to minimize training time

  • Simple survey content that builds on interviewers' previous experiences

  • Familiarity across the study team with at least a few common applications that could be used for remote learning

  • Internet connection is unavailable or unreliable for large portions of training time

  • Printed materials and common familiar applications cannot be ensured

  • Field team is new, or trust and familiarity are still being developed across a team

  • Training content is lengthy or significantly complex

  • In-person practical application is essential to learning