Cost-Effectiveness of National Scale-Up Model

Outcome of InterestaBangladeshTanzania
Estimated NumberICER Without Cost OffsetbICER With Cost OffsetEstimated NumberICER Without Cost OffsetbICER With Cost Offset
PPIUDs inserted26,50774.7PPIUD dominates43,928157.31PPIUD dominates
CYPs121,93216.2PPIUD dominates206,06434.2PPIUD dominates
Unintended pregnancies averted55,06235.9PPIUD dominates91,24875.73PPIUD dominates
Maternal deaths averted18107,057.9PPIUD dominates12057,587.45PPIUD dominates
Child deaths averted2079,576.2PPIUD dominates1,8043,830.65PPIUD dominates
Total DALYs averted (maternal + child DALYs)18,558106.6PPIUD dominates159,56143.31PPIUD dominates
  • Abbreviations: CYP, couple-years of protection; DALYs, disability-adjusted life years; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; PPIUD, postpartum intrauterine device.

  • a Outcomes are the estimated service lifespan impacts from the Impact 2 tool.

  • b The ICER without cost offset is equivalent to the cost per outcome because the cost of standard practice is estimated as zero cost in both study groups without any impact on the ICER.