Mentees' Immunization Knowledge Improvement From Baseline to Endline During Peer Mentoring and WhatsApp Intervention for Building Capacity in Immunization in Lari Subcounty, Kenyaa

Baseline, February 2018 (N=20) No. (%)Endline, March 2019 (N=19) No. (%)Net Percentage GainP Value p(2-tailed)Risk Ratio
Missed opportunity of vaccination7 (33%)5 (26%)−7%.74881.14
Side effect of pentavalent vaccine17 (85%)18 (95%)10%.74880.33
Contraindications of vaccination3 (15%)17 (89%)74%<.00010.13
Forecasting vaccine requirement2 (10%)15 (79%)69%<.00010.23
Stages of vaccine vial monitor16 (80%)15 (84%)4%1.00001.05
Fridge tag9 (45%)11 (58%)13%.52180.76
Defaulter tracking18 (90%)18 (95%)5%1.00000.50
EPI target estimation1 (5%)9 (47%)42%.01040.55
Coverage rate calculation2 (10%)11 (58%)48%.00390.46
Dropout rate calculation1(5%)14 (74%)69%<.00010.27
Preparation of coverage monitor chart2 (10%)13 (68%)58%.00040.34
Multidose vial policy4 (20%)5 (26%)6%.74880.91
  • Abbreviation: Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI).

  • a Net percentage gain was calculated from the percentage of mentees who answered correctly the knowledge questions at baseline and endline. Significance (P value) was computed using McNemar's test with paired proportion of mentees' with correct knowledge on the topics at endline and baseline. Risk ratio was computed with probabilities of mentees' knowledge gap on the topics at endline and baseline.