Components of the Test and Prevent Pilot Intervention in Zimbabwe

Intervention ComponentCurrent National Guidelines for PrEP24Test and Prevent Pilot Intervention
Risk assessmentClients with negative HIV test results who are at substantial risk of HIV should be screened for PrEP eligibility using the RAST (see Box)Use the RAST to screen all clients with negative HIV test results immediately after delivering results
Counseling and referralClients with negative HIV test results should be proactively linked to prevention servicesAll clients who are determined to be at risk based on the RAST receive
  • Detailed counseling about oral PrEP using the national PrEP fact sheet

  • Referral to oral PrEP services, including referral slip

  • A prevention services card, detailing the prevention services available at the facility

Accompanied referrals with fast trackingNot part of national guidelines for PrEP
  • Women referred for PrEP are given the option of having a provider immediately accompany them to PrEP services at the time of referral.

  • When accompanying a client, the provider facilitates fast tracking, allowing the client to skip the queue.

Follow-upNot part of national guidelines for PrEP
  • Clients not completing their PrEP referral in 2 weeks receive reminder messages via phone call, WhatsApp, or SMS (based on client preference at enrollment).

  • Abbreviation: PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; RAST, Risk Assessment Screening Tool; SMS, short message service.