Country Demographic and Health Dataa

2018 population, millions40161.456.3
2018 population density, people/km2 of land area401,24064
Total fertility rate, births per woman2.35.2
Use of modern method of contraception,b %51.932
Family planning uptake at 1–2 months postpartum, %4113.29.2c
Unmet need for family planning,b %12.022.1
Use of intrauterine device,b %0.60.9
Received antenatal care at least once from a medically trained provider,d,e %81.998.0
Delivered at a health facility,d,e %49.462.6
Deliveries attended by a skilled provider,d %4252.763.6
  • a Source: Demographic and Health Survey, unless otherwise stated.

  • b Among currently married women aged 15–49 years.

  • c Tabulations based on use of family planning obtained from the reproductive calendar (average of use in time span postpartum), births 12–23 months preceding the interview, based on Bangladesh DHS 2011 and Tanzania DHS 2010.

  • d Among women aged 15–49 years who had a live birth within 3 years of the survey.

  • e Medically trained providers include qualified doctor, nurse, midwife, family welfare visitor, and community skilled birth attendant. For antenatal care, medically trained providers also include paramedics, medical assistants, or subassistant community medical officer.