Costing CHW-Provided ECC Services (Selected Outputs), Mali, 2015

Coverage of needs,a %Unit Cost Breakdown (US$)Total time required to provide services,b hoursTime available spent on service,c %Total cost, US$ (Share of total cost, %)
Cost per serviceTotal Direct costTotal indirect cost
Curative services
Malaria rapid screening test31.43.820.852.9755,8991.28639,847 (8)
Uncomplicated malaria management4.06.763.493.2644,9921.03829,141 (10)
Moderate acute malnutrition management33.633.8424.948.9036,9160.851,249,206 (15)
Preventive services
Newborn follow-up5.,9540.62248,554 (3)
Education on lactational amenorrhea method6.83.840.133.715,2240.1248,173 (1)
Oral contraceptives (pill) provision6.84.680.973.716,4590.1572,578 (1)
Provision of contraceptive injections6.81.140.400.744,8680.1166,600 (1)
Promotive services
Home visits66.,1881.84739,212 (9)
Monitoring and evaluation
Activity reportingN/A74.823.6271.20209,9524.81,963,577 (23)