Table 2. Performance Standards for Provision of ART Services, Standards-Based Management and Recognition
StandardNo. of Verification CriteriaContent
Initial assessment of patient's condition6Greetings, registration, ask about patient well-being, review medical history
Assessment of opportunistic infections3Rule out pneumocystis pneumonia, cryptococcal meningitis, and tuberculosis
Assessment of adverse reactions6Inquire about sleeping problems, nausea, yellow eyes, shortness of breath, etc., and offer reassurance
Assessment of potential drug interactions3Ask about new medications, document concurrent medications, check for drug interactions
General health assessment3Inquire about contraception, pregnancy, alcohol and recreational drug use, depression; perform targeted physical exam; request and review laboratory tests
Verification of how patient is taking ART and cotrimoxazole9Check medication schedule, supplies, missed doses; reinforce adherence; address patient concerns
Addressing identified issues, as needed8Manage infections, adverse reactions, laboratory abnormalities; make referrals for social services
Concluding the consultation5Address patient questions, plan return visit, complete registers and applicable forms
Nutrition counseling5Discuss diet, food preparation, boiling drinking water, hand washing
Maximum possible ART follow-up score48
  • Abbreviation: ART, antiretroviral therapy.