Summarizing C3 Steps and Timelines in Rwanda and Zanzibar

1. Engaging stakeholders2017–2018: District level testing and preliminary conversations with national stakeholders
April 2019: Confirmed commitment to applying Tool with RBC/MOH for analysis at national level
September 2018: Engaged with key decision makers for community health strategy (ZMOH, UNICEF, Save the Children)
2. Defining the questionsApril, July 2019October 2018
3. Modeling assumptions and inputting data in the C3 ToolJuly 2019: MCSP-RBC/MOH in-country consultationOctober–November 2018
4. Iterative testing of scenarios through the C3 ToolJuly 2019: MCSP-RBC/MOH in-country consultationDecember 2018–January 2019
5. Prioritizing and decision makingOngoing by RBC/MOHJanuary–February 2019: Followed by minor revisions when coupled with Management Sciences for Health's Community Health Planning and Costing Tool costing data
July 2019: Finalized revised community health strategy
February 2020: Launched strategy at Annual Joint Health Sector Review meeting
  • Abbreviations: MCSP, Maternal and Child Survival Program; MOH, Ministry of Health; RBC, Rwanda Biomedical Center; UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund; ZMOH, Zanzibar Ministry of Health.