Overview of the CHW Program in Mali, 2015, from Situational Analysis Results

RegionKoulikoroKayesMoptiSegouSikassoBamako Districta
Target population (total living in rural areas)1,477,040961,2891,181,4861,281,1471,622,344N/A
Population covered by CHWs869,282286,779680,261712,351648,353N/A
Population covered by CHWs, of rural population, %5930585640N/A
No. villages17611369189620031629N/A
No. villages covered by CHWs621256306412591N/A
No. health districts covered1088810N/A
No. CHCs196217168195237N/A
No. CHCs affiliated with CHWs161143146172230
No. active CHWs526248305448660150
CHW of total CHWs, %23111319286
No.funding sources776662
Spending, USD2,356,6332,284,9332,540,4021,977,5453,127,960723,825
Spending of total spending, %18182015246
  • Abbreviations: CHC, community health center; CHW, community health worker.

  • a Bamako is an atypical district that does not meet any criteria stated in the ECC national implementation guide, both in terms of services provided and the determination of the target population. For more information, please consult the CHW landscape analysis report available at: