Summary of the Community Health Policy Objectives, Kenya6

General ObjectiveTo provide policy guidance for the establishment and implementation of a strong, equitable, holistic, and sustainable community health structure
Specific Policy Objectives
1. Leadership and GovernanceSecure effective leadership and governance in the formation, maintenance, and management of community health structures and participation mechanisms
2. Community Health WorkforceEnsure the recruitment and retention of community health human resources for health, including obtaining appropriate numbers and strengthening mechanisms for capacity building and supportive supervision of community health personnel
3. Service DeliveryAs per the community health strategy, ensure provision of high-quality community health services at the household and community level, including referral and follow-up services
4. Community-Based Health Information SystemSupport the development and strengthening of community-based health information system and the monitoring and evaluation of systems to sufficiently inform the implementation of community services at all levels
5. Health Products and TechnologiesPromote and strengthen supply chain systems for community health that are integrated into the government-led reporting systems and that link facilities including the use of available technology
6. Financing for Community HealthProvide various mechanisms for mobilizing, managing, and appropriately allocating resources for sustainable financing and delivery of community health services at all levels
7. Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Community-Based SurveillanceProvide for community health services and human resources data and knowledge management that will inform evidence-driven decision making