Achievements of the Community Health Assistants in Liberia, by Indicator, 2019a

Children under 5 years of age who tested positive for malaria and treated with artemisinin-based combination therapy within 24 hours, %6057.7
Children under 5 years of age who were diagnosed with pneumonia and treated with antibiotics, %9187.6
Children under 5 years of age who were treated for diarrhea with oral rehydration solution and zinc, %8783.3
Cases treated with appropriate medicine and dose (as confirmed by CHSS during supervision visits), %9587.4
Pregnant women referred for delivery, no.22,79219,907b
  • Abbreviations: CHA, community health assistant; CHSS, community health services supervisor.

  • a Reporting rate for community health assistant was 91%.

  • b 42% of the total expected pregnant women in the community health assistant population area.