Clinical Vignettes and Indicators Used to Assess CHW Knowledge of Community-Based Management of Sick Children Under Age 5 in 3 Rural Counties, Liberia

VignetteCase DescriptionIndicators
Correct DiagnosisCorrect Lifesaving TreatmentFully Correct Treatment
Pneumonia with danger signMale, aged 4 years, presents with cough for 2 weeksPneumonia + danger sign (cough 2+ weeks)Refer to facility; amoxicillin given (must be correct dose)Refer to facility; amoxicillin given (must be correct dose)
Diarrhea with danger signFemale, aged 8 months, presents with running stomach and malnutritionDiarrhea + danger sign (red MUAC)Refer to facility; ORS given regardless of doseRefer to facility; ORS given (must be correct dose)
Uncomplicated malariaFemale, aged 2 years, presents with weakness and feverMalariaACT given (must be correct dose)ACT given (must be correct dose); paracetamol given (must be correct dose)
  • Abbreviations: ACT, artemisinin-combined treatment; CHW, community health worker; MUAC, mid-upper arm circumference; ORS, oral rehydration solution.