Reference Datasets From Cost and Modeling Analyses Used to Validate the Rapid Supply Chain Modeling Tool

Study LocationDescription
Bolivia and Guatemala, 2018Three supply chain costing studies led by ForoLAC (Foro Latinoamericano y del Caribe para el Aseguramiento de Insumos de Salud Reproductiva) that included all major health commodities, including vaccines:
  • Tarija Department, Bolivia

  • Quiché Department, Guatemala

  • Alta Verapaz Department, Guatemala

Mozambique, 2015Modeling analysis conducted by VillageReach for the national and provincial ministries of health, using the HERMES software platform (Highly Extensible Resource for Modeling Event-Driven Supply Chains) to assess 2 immunization supply chain design options for Manica Province in Mozambique (the baseline 4-tier design, and a direct delivery design that skipped 1 of the tiers).
Senegal, 2017Modeling analysis in Senegal estimating the nationwide costs of operating the Informed Push Model strategy for delivering family planning and maternal-child health products.
Zimbabwe, 2015Evaluation of the Zimbabwe Assisted Pull System strategy in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe, which integrated commodity distribution for most health program areas (except vaccines).