Summary of Discovery of Behavioral Barriers/Facilitators to Micronutrient Powder Use Among Caregivers in Peru

Decision-making StepPrompt(Cue, Action, or Meaning)Contextual FactorBehavioral ConstructBarrier or Facilitator
Accessing MNPCue: The perspectives of people with authority on MNP hold greater weightCaregivers are more likely to make decisions about their children’s health when an expert gives them the information.Authority biasNegative interactions with medical professionals can cause caregivers to not give MNP.
Using MNP at the moment of child feedingMeaning: Is the action uncomfortable or painful such that it is avoided?Children often react negatively to taste of MNP, making feeding difficult or unpleasant for caregiver.Negativity biasIf children refuse food supplemented with MNP, caregivers may stop giving it.
Using MNP at the moment of child feedingAction: Caregivers abruptly discontinue MNPCaregivers abruptly decide to stop giving MNP when their child has diarrhea or another side effect.Hot-to-cold empathy gapVisceral reactions when a child is sick can lead to a rapid choice to discontinue MNP.
  • Abbreviation: MNP, micronutrient powder.