Summary of Studies Included in Systematic Review of mHealth Interventions Assessing Contraceptive Uptake in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, N=8

AuthorsCountrymHealth Delivery ModeTarget PopulationStudy DesignSample Sizea (Intervention/Control)Frequency and DurationPosttest and Follow-Up
Johnson et al.18KenyaHE via text messaging, “role model” stories, clinic databaseGeneral publicRCT (probably unblinded)b13,629 (6,817/6,812)Over 3 months24 hours, 6 days, 3 months postenrollment
Maslowsky et al.19EcuadorTelephone-delivered HE and telephone access to a nursePostpartum womenUnblinded RCT178 (102/76)Within 48 hours of hospital discharge. Access to a nurse on-call during the first 30 days of the newborn’s life3 months after delivery
McCarthy et al.20TajikistanHE via app instant messagingYoung people (16–24), both gendersSingle-blinded RCT543 (275/298)0–3 messages per day over 4 months4 months after baseline
McCarthy et al.21PalestineHE via text messagingYoung women (18–24)Single-blinded RCT578 (289/289)0–3 messages per day over 4 months4 months after baseline
Smith et al.22CambodiaVoice messages and phone callsWomen, postabortionSingle-blinded RCT300 (249/251)6 automated voice messages ± telephone counseling within 3-month period4 and 12 months postabortion
Unger et al.23KenyaHE via text messagingPostpartum women3-arm, unblinded RCT300 (100/100/100)Weekly until 12 weeks postpartumFrom antenatal care attendance and followed through 10, 16, 24 weeks postpartum
Biswas et al.24BangladeshHE via text messagingWomen, postabortionRCT
(probably unblinded)b
120 (60 /60)Method-specific reminders/intervals (daily/weekly)4 months postabortion
Harrington et al.25KenyaHE via text messagingPostpartum womenUnblinded RCT254 (125/129)Weekly from enrollment to 6 months postpartum6 months postpartum
  • Abbreviations: HE, health education (contraceptive information); RCT, randomized control trial; app, mobile application.

  • a Data from participants who were analyzed.

  • b Authors did not mention about blinding. This information was deduced from reading the studies.