Bootstrapped Results for Change Since Baseline in Outcomes Among Patients Enrolled in Rural Diabetes Care Program, Guatemala

OutcomeTime Since BaselineEstimated Change95% CI Lower Bound95% CI Upper Bound
A1C, %3 months–1.04a–1.68–0.559
6 months–1.45a–2.19–0.813
9 months–1.32a–2.01–0.636
12 months–1.03a–1.73–0.385
3 months–0.104a–0.199–0.0244
6 months–0.135a–0.232–0.0366
9 months–0.0909–0.1630.00368
12 months–0.0677–0.1660.0175
3 months–17.5a–36.3–5.00
6 months–22.4a–39.2–5.20
9 months–15.4–27.31.70
12 months–11.6–30.73.28
Systolic BP,
mm Hg
3 months0.375–5.021.08
6 months0.75–3.622.48
9 months1.13–2.843.87
12 months1.5–2.823.83
Diastolic BP,
mm Hg
3 months–0.0678–0.8121.1
6 months–0.189–1.221.77
9 months–0.467–1.831.74
12 months–0.877–2.591.02
Weight, lb3 months1.86a0.3553.29
6 months2.84–0.04325.17
9 months2.44–1.674.88
12 months1.67–3.894.77
3 months0.269–0.4741.28
6 months0.51–0.6771.86
9 months0.718–0.6321.99
12 months0.896–0.2532.19
BMI, kg/m23 months0.372a0.08560.681
6 months0.616a0.04771.1
9 months0.639–0.2291.14
12 months0.538–0.6741.1
OutcomeTime Since BaselineEst. Difference in Probability of Control/Goal95% CI Lower Bound95% CI Upper Bound
A1C control,
A1C ≤ 8%
3 months0.127–0.02380.276
6 months0.203–0.04720.454
9 months0.205–0.07020.391
12 months0.166–0.09270.341
A1C goal,
A1C ≤ subject goal
3 months0.0588–0.00960.22
6 months0.0999–0.01880.394
9 months0.106–0.02760.263
12 months0.0929–0.03590.195
  • Abbreviations: A1C, hemoglobin A1C; BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; CI, confidence interval.

  • a P<.05.

  • b As these numbers are no longer on the scale of the regression, these values are specific to the type of subject the predictions were performed on (i.e., the values the other covariates are set at for prediction affect these numbers, unlike on the regression scale), which was the most common subject sex (female) and fasting value (true), median baseline age (54 years), and median years since diabetes diagnosis at baseline (4 years) for the subjects in analyses.