Example of Content From Facilitated Group Session 4 on Eating and Drinking from Juntos, A Community-Support Group for Caregivers of Children With Congenital Zika Syndrome in Brazil

In pairs: One person tries to give the other a drink of water in different positions (e.g., head leaning back, turned to one side, or flopping forwards)
How easy or difficult is it to swallow in each position? How does it feel to be fed?To understand a range of issues that your child may experience with eating and drinking
As a large group to share experiences
What is a nutritious or “balanced” diet?To know what a balanced diet is and how to maximize your child’s nutritional intake and prevent malnutrition
Show a banana and a biscuit and other common food
Discuss—Are the items hard or soft? Can they be made into a smooth puree? How?To learn ways to feed your child safely