Estimated Program Start-Up and Maintenance Costs

Start-Up Costsa
ExpenditureTotal cost
Glucometers and lancing devices$140
Automatic blood pressure cuffs$200
CommCare feesb$3,000
Continuing per Capita Costs
ExpenditureCost per patient, per year
Medications (metformin, glyburide, aspirin)$32
Hemoglobin A1c tests$38
Other testing supplies (e.g., glucose strips, lancets)$9
CHW labor costs$16
CHW coordinator labor costs$13
Other costs (e.g., equipment replacement, data planc)$10
  • Abbreviation: CHW, community health worker.

  • a Reflects start-up costs for an anticipated patient population of 100 patients.

  • b This reflects current CommCare fees, which are $250/organization/month for a basic plan. CommCare fees are not reflected in continuing per capita costs because they are not dependent on caseload, and in our case, they support other health programs with thousands of total patients.

  • c CommCare projects generally use 100 MB or less of mobile data per month.