Example of Content From Facilitated Group Session 6 on Play and Early Stimulation from Juntos, A Community-Support Group for Caregivers of Children With Congenital Zika Syndrome in Brazil

In groups of 3: each group is given one inexpensive everyday item (e.g., cup, piece of cloth, container, ball) and everyone uses their imagination to transform the object into something else and acts it out
What is play?To understand how our imagination works with play and how children have an even greater imagination than adults
As a large group to share experiences
What have you found play helps your child to do?
Does your child need to play?
To know that play gives children an opportunity to explore, learn about their environment and to use and develop their senses
Toy making, such as making bells and rings with ribbons
Discuss—How can you involve short periods of play in your daily activities? How can you involve other members of your family in playing with your child?To learn ways for play to be fun, and to see how fun can motivate children to move and learn and how other family members can be included