Finalized Module Topics Included in Juntos, A Community-Support Group for Caregivers of Children with Congenital Zika Syndrome in Brazil

1. Introduction
  • About the program

  • Information about Zika and Congenital Zika Syndrome

  • How to find information

  • Personal stories

2. Our child
  • Introducing your close family and friends

  • Development milestones for young children

  • Determining your child’s progress

  • Managing irritability and crying

3. Positioning and moving
  • How to position children who need assistance

  • How to assist children to learn to move

4. Eating and drinking
  • Feeding challenges

  • Practical skills to address challenges for your child

5. Communication
  • Importance of communication

  • Practical advice to help your child communicate

6. Play and early stimulation
  • Importance of play for children to develop and learn

  • Early stimulation

  • Making simple toys

  • Inclusion of play in the family and broader community

7. Everyday activities
  • How to use everyday activities to help your child develop

  • Managing seizures

8. Uniting our voices
  • Understand the context of disability rights

  • Education

  • Communicating with your health team

  • Advocating

9. Our community
  • Who is in your community?

  • Common barriers to inclusion

  • Addressing negative attitudes and exclusion

  • Social activity

10. Next steps
  • Summing up

  • Planning next steps for yourself and the group