Baseline Characteristics of Patients Enrolled in a Rural Diabetes Care Program, Guatemala

Characteristic (N=89)Value
    Mean age (SD), years53.5 (13.3)
    Sex, % female82
    Years since diabetes diagnosis, median (IQR)4 (6)
Place of diagnosis, %
    San Lucas Mission rural clinic40
    Private clinic20
    Nongovernmental organization hospital16
    Guatemalan Social Security clinic12
    Government clinic6
Medication use, %
    Taking any diabetes medicationa82
    Natural remedies18
Clinical measures
    Mean hemoglobin A1c (SD), %10.0 (2.5)
    Proportion with A1c at goal, %20
    Mean body mass index (SD), kg/m226.7 (4.6)
    Mean blood glucose (SD), mg/dL237 (126)
  • Abbreviations: IQR, interquartile range; SD, standard deviation.

  • a Does not include natural remedies.