Approaches Taken by the Evaluation Teams to Engage With the Donor Organizations to Monitor Program Developments

Gavi Full Country EvaluationGlobal Fund Prospective Country Evaluation
•Weekly calls with the Gavi M&E team (GEP, CEP)•Weekly calls with the TERG Secretariat (GEP)
•KIIs with Secretariat staff throughout the year, with a concentration of KIIs during an annual in-person visit to Geneva (GEP)•Engagement with Secretariat staff at tri-annual TERG meetings (GEP, CEP)
•Semi-annual touchpoints with Gavi Senior Country Managers (GEP, CEP)•One-off phone calls with rotating Secretariat teams scheduled by the TERG Secretariat (GEP, CEP)
•Semi-annual touchpoints with Global Fund Country Teams (GEP, CEP)
  • Abbreviations: CEP, country evaluation partner; GEP, global evaluation partner; KII, key informant interview; M&E, monitoring and evaluation; TERG, technical evaluation reference group.