Descriptive Statistics and Cronbach’s Alpha Scores for Each Facility Quality Domain in Pakistan and Uganda

Score RangeNo. of items (N=36)MinMaxMean (μ)SD(σ)Alpha(α)Score RangeNo. of items (N=20)MinMaxMean (μ)SD (σ)Alpha(α)
Readiness for choice0–1475.4214.0012.201.94.700–
Readiness for management support0–1261.7711.838.022.88.840–1055.0010.008.901.81.89
Client-centered readiness0–740.006.924.061.57.660–633.
Interpersonal skills0–840.678.005.491.94.90n/ab
Technical competence0–22113.6421.5315.694.01.800–1077.0014.0011.832.41.83
Information provision0–630.006.002.971.91.970–841.
Structural privacyc0–
  • Abbreviations: n/a, not applicable; SD, standard deviation.

  • a The structural privacy variable in Pakistan and the readiness for choice domain in Uganda each contained only 1 item; alpha not calculated.

  • b No variables were grouped into the interpersonal skills domain in Uganda.

  • c The structural privacy variable did not group well with variables in other domains in Pakistan. In Uganda, the structural privacy variable was included in the client-centered readiness domain.