Characteristics of Community Health Workers in Nigeria and Ethiopia

Nigerian CHWsEthiopian HEWsEthiopian HDA leaders
Training5–6 days1 year15 days
PaymentIncentives for taking women to facilities and for referralsApproximately $100/monthNone
Selection criteriaExisting TBAs or FOMWAMs, no literacy requirementResident in the community, speaks local language, educated to 10th grade or above, willing to remain in the village and serve the communityModel family, trusted, able to mobilize communities; no literacy requirement
Scope of workSpecific to maternal and newborn health including delivering key behavior change messages, detection of and referral for maternal and newborn danger signsBroad, including disease prevention and treatmentBroad, including assisting families in adopting behaviors, engaging in community mobilization, and leading participatory action cycles
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; HDA, Health Development Army; HEW, health extension worker; FOMWAM, Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria; TBA, traditional birth attendant.