Results of Regression Model Predicting EIR Use for Facilities in Tanzania

VariableEstimate (odds ratio)Robust Standard ErrorP-Value
Paperless (compared to using parallel systems)a2.720.83.001
Facility Type (compared to dispensary)
 Health centera1.610.33.02
Number of HCWs traineda1.350.09<.001
Weeks since EIR introductiona0.98<0.01<.001
District (Region)b
 Tanga CC (Tanga)a2.891.07.004
 Karatu DC (Arusha)a2.450.81.007
 Mkinga DC (Tanga)1.830.64.09
 Pangani DC (Tanga)1.560.54.20
 Longido DC (Arusha)1.530.65.32
 Ngorongoro DC (Arusha)1.530.56.24
 Handeni TC (Tanga)1.320.70.60
 Korogwe TC (Tanga)
 Siha DC (Kilimanjaro)
 Meru DC (Arusha)
 Handeni DC (Tanga)
 Monduli DC (Arusha)
 Rombo DC (Kilimanjaro)0.990.34.97
 Arusha DC (Arusha)0.900.45.84
 Bumbuli DC (Tanga)0.820.31.61
 Korogwe DC (Tanga)0.700.23.30
 Lushoto DC (Tanga)0.650.22.20
 Moshi MC (Kilimanjaro)0.620.24.22
 Hai DC (Kilimanjaro)0.580.20.18
 Mwanga DC (Kilimanjaro)0.530.20.10
 Same DC (Kilimanjaro)a0.510.17.05
 Muheza DC (Tanga)a0.490.17.04
 Kilindi DC (Tanga)a0.350.13.005
 Moshi DC (Kilimanjaro)a0.290.09<.001
  • Abbreviations: CC, city council; DC, district council; EIR, electronic immunization registry; HCW, health care worker; MC, municipal council; TC, town council.

  • a Statistically significant at alpha=.05 level.

  • b Compared to Arusha city council, which was selected as it was the pilot implementation district and contains the capital and largest city in Arusha region.