Table 2. Total and Annualized Incremental Costs of the Intervention (4,600 Zambia Kwacha  =  US$1)
Intervention ActivityTotal Cost (US$)Annualized Cost (US$)
Training of trainers (N = 10)5,1031,021
Training of CHWs (N = 40)12,9646,482
Practicum expenses4,8272,414
Supervision of CHWs3,3343,334
Overall intervention management3,2193,219
DMPA commodities7,8537,853
Total incremental costa37,30024,322
  • aAs noted, these estimates do not include costs of planning and design, because these are one-time activities that would not be repeated in scale up.

  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate.