Summary of Content Analysis on Factors That Influence Data Use To Improve Health Service Delivery in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Reference and LocationPeer-Reviewed Literature AnalysisGray Literature Analysis
LeadershipParticipatory MonitoringPresentation of FindingsData QualityQualitative DataElectronic HMISOrganizational StructureContextual FactorsPBFRegular ReviewaTraininga
Peer-reviewed literature analysis
Björkman and Svensson37 – UgandaX
Chukwuani et al32 – Enugu State, NigeriaX
Edward et al33 – AfghanistanXX
Edward et al39 – AfghanistanXX
Holvoet and Inberg38 – Rwanda and UgandaXXXXX
Jacobs et al40 – Kirivong Operational Health District, south east CambodiaXX
Kananura et al41 – 3 districts in eastern UgandaXXXXX
Khim et al34 – CambodiaXX
Krishnan et al35 – Ballabgarh, IndiaXX
Nutley et al42 – KenyaXX
Nutley et al36 – Côte d’IvoireXXXXXX
Wagenaar et al43 – Mozambique, Rwanda, and ZambiaXXX
Gray literature analysis
Afe et al44 – NigeriaXXXXX
Anasel et al46 – TanzaniaXXXXX
Li et al45 – TanzaniaXXX
MEASURE Evaluation47 – MaliX
MEASURE Evaluation48 – KenyaXXXXX
Millar et al49 – KenyaXXX
  • Abbreviations: HMIS, Health Management Information System; PBF, performance-based financing.

  • a Identified as potential factors following gray literature analysis.