Table 1. Nutrition-Related Practices and Outcomes Among Care Group Project Beneficiaries, Selected Districts of Sofala Province, Mozambique, 2005–2010
Project IndicatorsArea A – Early ImplementationArea B – Late Implementation (delayed by 2.5 years)
Baseline (2006)Endline (2010)DifferenceBaseline (2009)Endline (2010)Difference
n/N%(95% CI)n/N%(95% CI)% Difference, P Value*n/N%(95% CI)n/N%(95% CI)% Difference, P Value*
Nutritional Outcome
Children 0–23 m who are underweight (WAZ < −2.0 SD)139/53725.9101/56917.88.1,168/62027.189/56915.611.5,
(22.1–29.7)(14.5–21.0)< 0.001(23.0–31.2)(12.6–18.7)0.001
Feeding Practices (as reported by mother or caretaker)
Infants 0–5 m who were fed only breast milk in the last 24 hours11/4623.935/4774.550.6,25/4555.637/4680.424.9,
(11.1–36.7)(61.5–87.4)< 0.001(40.5–70.7)(68.6–92.3)0.010
Children 9–23 m who receive food other than liquids at least 3 times/day34/10931.287/11575.744.5,54/12443.582/12565.622.1,
(22.4–40.0)(67.7–83.6)< 0.001(34.7–52.4)(57.2–74.0)0.001
Children 6–23 m with oil added to their weaning food47/13036.2126/14586.950.7,84/14358.7130/14987.228.5,
(27.7–44.5)(81.3–92.5)< 0.001(50.6–66.9)(81.8–92.7)0.001
Children 6–23 m who have consumed at least one Vitamin A-rich food in the previous day40/13130.588/15058.728.1,80/15746.5102/15068.021.5,
(22.5–38.5)(50.7–66.6)< 0.001(38.6–54.3)(60.4–75.6)0.001
Children 0–23 m with diarrhea in the last 2 weeks who were offered the same amount of, or more, food during the illness22/6832.435/4283.351.0,26/7634.229/4072.538.3,
(20.9–43.8)(71.6–95.1)< 0.001(23.3–45.1)(58.0–87.0)0.001
Vitamin A Supplementation, Deworming, and Nutritional Monitoring
Children 12–23 m who have received one Vitamin A capsule in the past 6 months (card-confirmed or mother's report)74/9082.288/9493.611.4,80/10179.294/9895.916.7,
Children 12–23 months who received deworming medication in the last 6 months (mother's report)24/8428.659/7578.750.1,36/9637.567/7391.854.3,
Children 0–23 m who were weighed in the last 4 months (card-confirmed)114/15673.1150/17088.215.2,115/17266.9131/15882.916.1,
Diarrheal Disease (as reported by mother or caretaker)
Children 0–23 m with diarrhea in the last 2 weeks who received ORS and/or RHF40/6958.042/4593.335.4,49/7962.038/4388.426.3,
Mothers of children 0–23 m who can correctly prepare ORS77/17743.5166/19684.741.2,89/20044.5166/19684.740.2,
Mothers of children 0–23 m who report that they wash their hands with soap/ash before preparing food, before eating, after defecating, and after attending to a child who has defecated2/1991.0100/19850.549.5,27/21112.886/19943.230.4,
Mothers of children 0–23 m who report that they purify their water using any effective method (by boiling or using point-of-use water purification)39/9541.1129/15185.444.3,26/21112.3135/15388.275.9,
  • Abbreviations: WAZ, z-score for weight-for-age; SD, standard deviation; ORS, oral rehydration solution; RHF, recommended home fluids.

  • * Statistical significance based on one-tailed Fisher exact test (based on difference in prevalence between endline and baseline results). P values < 0.05 were considered statistically significant. All P values were statistically significant.