Characteristics of Study Sites in Ethiopia and Nigeria

RegionStudy areaEthnicityMain ReligionsAccess to Health CareTerrainMain Economic Activities
Amhara, EthiopiaKebele AAmharaOrthodox ChristianModerateHillySubsistence farming
Kebele BAmharaOrthodox ChristianGoodHillySubsistence farming
SNNPR, EthiopiaKebele CGamo/WolaitaProtestant/Orthodox ChristianGoodFlat with some hillsSubsistence farming
Kebele DSilteMuslimModerateFlatSubsistence farming
Gombe, NigeriaLGA A: urbanTangleChristianExcellentFlatTraders, farmers
LGA B: ruralTangleChristianGoodFlatTraders, farmers
LGA C: urban and close to capitalTera, Bolewa, FulaniMuslimExcellentFlatTraders, civil servants, farmers
LGA D: rural and close to capitalFulani, KanuriMuslimExcellentFlatTraders, civil servants, farmers
  • Abbreviations: LGA, local government area; SNNPR, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region.