Table 3. Care Group Project Costs and Number of Beneficiaries, Selected Districts of Sofala Province, Mozambique, 2005–2010
Project Site, DatesTotal Project CostsTotal PopulationTotal Cost per Capita per YearNo. of BeneficiariesTotal Cost per Beneficiary per Year
Area A,a Oct 2005–Sep 2010 (5 years)$2,026,191462,000$0.8892,239$4.39
Area B,b Mar 2009–Sep 2010 (1.6 years)$997,975638,000$0.97127,238$4.90
Total Project$3,024,166c1,100,000$0.55219,617$2.78
  • All dollar amounts expressed in US$.

  • a Area A included Caia, Chemba, Manga, and Marringue Districts.

  • b Area B included Dondo, Gorongosa, and Nhamatanda Districts.

  • c Includes contributions of $2,499,901 from USAID to Food for the Hungry and $524,166 from Food for the Hungry unrestricted funds.