Recall Methods Used To Encourage Repeat HPV Testing Among Women With Initial HPV-Positive VIA-Negative Screening Results, Honduras

N = 558
Contacts received per woman, mean (SD) [range]2.3 (1.5) [1–8]
Contacts received per woman who returned for 1-year follow-up (n=419a), mean (SD) [range]2.1 (1.5) [0–8]
Phone calls/voicemails placed per woman, No. (%)
    1211 (42.5)
    2118 (23.8)
    386 (17.3)
    4 or more76 (15.3)
    Missing5 (1.0)
    Days between first outreach and returning for 1-year follow-up (n=344b) , mean (SD) [range]10.7 (14.7) [0–104)
Self-reported recall method that motivated clinic attendance (n=419) , No. (%)
    Telephone contact (phone call or text/SMS)364 (86.9)
    Home visit25 (6.0)
    None (presented spontaneously)19 (4.5)
    Voicemail2 (0.5)
    Not documented9 (2.1)
Self-reported reasons for not returning for 1-year follow-up (n=139), No. (%)
    No reason specified94 (67.6)
    Repeat testing and follow-up happened at another clinic25 (18.0)
    Moved away from clinic area9 (6.5)
    Successfully contacted and declined4 (2.9)
    Cannot come due to work or personal reasons3 (2.2)
    Could not contact or locate2 (1.4)
    Pregnant2 (1.4)
  • Abbreviations: HPV, human papillomavirus; VIA, visual inspection with acetic acid; SD, standard deviation.

  • a Denominator excludes women who did not return to the clinic.

  • b Denominator excludes women with missing information.