Phone Survey Participants’ Reported Costs Associated With Contraceptive Implant Removal Services Reported by Respondents Who Removed Implant by Context, Ghana

Reported incurring cost for removal services not associated with transportationb, %75.084.2
    Mean cost incurred, US$c (SD)3.2 (1.8)5.0 (1.9)d
Reported incurring cost for transportation, %70.655.5
    Mean cost incurred, US$c (SD)1.1 (0.7)1.1 (1.0)
  • Abbreviation: SD, standard deviation.

  • a Frequencies are unadjusted; percentages and means are adjusted for sampling weights.

  • b Costs includes fees for supplies, provider, and other facility-associated costs.

  • c Respondents reported costs in Ghana cedis. Costs were converted to US$ using the exchange rate at the time of analysis (21 US cents=1.00 Ghana cedi). Means calculated from women who reported incurring costs only.

  • d One respondent reported a cost of US$52.50, which was an extreme outlier. This response was removed from the analysis.