World Health Organization Health System Building Blocks (Functions) Explored in 9 Districts in Uganda

Attributes Probed for in the Interview Guide
Health financing
  • Sources of funding for health care in general and specifically for iCCM

  • Percentage of the district budget allocated to iCCM

  • Type of providers of child health care services

  • Range of health services provided by both public and private providers and coverage of the health costs at the point of use

  • Most significant change in health financing for children

Service delivery
  • Scope of child services offered within the district-by whom and when and presence of any performance linked payments

  • The most significant change in health service delivery

Health workforce
  • Scope of health staffing levels and turnover in the district

  • Scope of VHT coverage and turning over

  • Scope of training, implementation partners, remuneration, motivation. and supervision for CHWs

  • Presence and awareness of iCCM guidelines

  • Most significant in the health workforce

  • Extent to which health decisions are made by the DHTs

  • Budget priority setting exercises

  • Health worker and health technology regulation

  • Community participation in health decision making

  • Most significant changes in health governance

Medical products and technologies
  • Available medicines and supplies for treatment of common childhood illnesses

  • Distribution of the medicines and supplies specifically iCCM medicines

  • Most significant change in distribution of medicines

  • Management of health data at the local and district level

  • Availability of standardized registers for collecting and submitting community level data

  • Available data submission platforms

  • Community-level indicators fitted into the national HMIS

  • Use of data for decision making at local and district level

  • Key challenges in reporting data at the local and district level

  • Most significant change in the HMIS

  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; DHT, district health team; HMIS, health management information system, iCCM, integrated community case management; VHT, village health team.